Kidz Biz Where Knowledge Is Power! 

From Concept to Script to Screen to TV: coming soon
We offer in-studio filming production, as well as on-location production services. We specialize in high-definition using Canon (EOS Rebel T5 and T5i). We also work with local cable providers (Media Network, Independant Network ch. 10 and At&T Uverse ch.99) as well as specific channels required for on-air use. 

​Want to star in your own short film or stay behind the scenes or do both? At Kidz Biz Production Boot Camp you will learn how to write a story, do a story board, film and edit your production. Then have it aired on Kidz Biz Where Knowledge Is Power TV show. This will consist of three Saturdays. The final project will be on a DVD.  
What you will need: Notebook, Pen, Pencil and Highlighter.  You Already Have The Talent!!!