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"A job well done"... 
Makaila Thomas, a third grader, of Waterford Twp decided to start her own show, Kidz Biz, with the help of her mother, Terrie. “I wanted to help kids learn about what they want to be when they grow up so they have many choices,” said Thomas.The Oakland Press - Monica Drake. POSTED:7/17/2014 
Community joins together to donate to White Lake family who lost home in fire.
Rodaous of Citi Lightz (in front)], G.Beanz of Citi Lightz, Stephanie Smith with kids, Lucus and Aden, H.hunter of Citi Lightz, Gary Newton Jr. and Makaila Thomas of Kidz-Biz. Photo courtesy of Terrie Thomas Stephanie Smith of White Lake and her two young children lost their home in Cedar Brook Trailer Park to a fire earlier this month. 

A fundraiser was hosted by Citi Lightz at the Moose Lodge in Pontiac — which raised $1,177 to help out the single mother and her kids. 

The family wanted to thank The Oakland Press, Sam’s Club, Heroes, Walmart, Kmart, The Daily restaurant, Panera Bread, Irma Nail Salon, Kroger, CVS, Bruce and Geneva Johnson, Mother’s Against Violence and Kidz-Biz for helping to make the event a success.

Posted: 03/26/14, 1:56 PM EDT 
Kidz Biz Where Knowledge Is Power will be giving away free Kidz Biz tote bags when you order a Kidz Biz Pizza from Marco's, 5570 Cooley Lake Rd, Waterford, MI 48327 248-682-9700 or 2336 E. Highland Road, Highland, MI 48356 (248) 887-7900

Kidz Biz Where Knowledge Is Power!  What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?
Kidz Bidz helped a family that was in need on Thanksgiving 11. 26. 2015
NTP Backstage, Waterford, gave food to feed for 500 on Thanksgiving 11.26.2015
​Thanks to Detroit Red Wings and Detroit Tigers for their donations and support. Many thanks to the State of Michigan Treasury Department Employees for their continuing support to help a family in need. Through this event at Play Time Family Fun Center, 2230 Mall Drive, Waterford, Kidz Biz Where Knowledge Is Power was able to help another family, the Merritt’s, with car repairs. Also, Play Time Family Fun Center, 2230 Mall Drive, Waterford is giving back to the community with Oakland Schools. Per admission, a dollar will be given back to that school. Contact Terrie 248.636.8725 to book your school events and outings. Kidz Biz Production Boot Camp will be there to take school photos.

The first photo is Santa Fred, Kidz Biz and her helpers and Nick Samara owner of Play Time Family Fun Center 2230 Mall Drive, Waterford, MI 48328. 
The Merritt family and Kidz Biz
​Eye On Detroit, Ch. 62 CBS Interview with Kidz Biz Where Knowledge Is Power